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Human beings habitually under-perform. Generally, we are capable of far, far more than we think we are. What gets in-between us and our full potential?


It doesn’t matter who we are, we hold beliefs and assumptions that rule our thoughts and actions. In turn, these dictate outcomes and not only our experience of the outcomes but the journey towards achieving them.


Human beings have a nasty tendency to gravitate towards the status quo. This hampers creativity and clouds perception. Both these may have serious implications for profitability.


What our organisation looks like from within may often be vastly different to what it looks like from outside. That’s why companies employ coaches, consultants and secret-shoppers.


Caused by day to day operational pressures, internal relationship dynamics and emotional context. Probably the most difficult to pin-down and define, yet it may have far-reaching consequences.


It is so easy for people to slip into what the renowned organisational and leadership consultant, Stephen Covey, described in his time management matrix.


We may all start off in the right direction but we all too common veer off our chosen path for a whole host of reasons e.g. emotional, environmental, financial,  relationships etc.


There may be key people we interact with who negatively influence our effectiveness or the effectiveness of our organisation.


A sharp knife is more effective as a cutting tool than a blunt one. So it is for vision, mission, values and goals.

The solution…

These confounding factors cost money but are hidden from plain view on the profit and loss account. Their mechanisms are even trickier to identify. Either way, they hamper the prospect of exponential growth. Often, they are self-created and unconscious so we cannot see them ourselves. Therefore, we need an objective third-party, with specialist skills, who can highlight these issues in a palatable context, then help us formulate practical plans to negotiate their hazard.

A coach can help with all this, helping you get what you want more quickly and effectively than is possible alone.

What do you want?

Be sure you know why you want it…you may not actually want it!

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