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Refinity coaching is different from your average corporate or executive coaching. At Refinity, we believe that business is actually relatively simple – it is people who are the challenging component. Moreover, the most difficult person to deal with is often ourself. Our reactions to circumstances and to other people are a key determinant of success. It is also a key determinant of how we experience that success. Success can be pretty brutal if we are not careful.

Right! That’s enough of the third person. I recognise that the work of Refinity is the product of more than one person (suppliers, subcontractors, employees, even my clients). However, I feel much more comfortable talking about myself as myself.

Drawing from a wide range of experience in large international businesses, small businesses, healthcare, martial arts and athletics, I help executives, managers and other business professionals make the very best of themselves –  physically, mentally and emotionally. These three elements of being human are inseparable. Work on one, the other two evolve as well. Let one slide, the other two suffer. It is often difficult to see this, ourselves, which is where the dispassionate, third party perspective of an external coach comes in.

So, while  I am a business coach, mentor and consultant, businesses grow as a result of my work with the people who work in or manage them. This is because I challenge businesses and their people – by

  • Stimulating creativity
  • Supporting intelligent planning
  • Encouraging decisive action.

I encourage them to reflect, become introspective and expand their perception of themselves, the people they interact with and the world about them. In short I help them expand their current thinking about  themselves and their experience of reality.

The name Refinity came about after fifty iterations of thinking of a great business name, Googling them and finding that they had already been taken. So, I thought, “Hey! I’ve got to become creative on this one”. I wanted a name that spoke of what I was trying to create and how I wanted to operate. All my life I have sought to continuoiusly improve whatever it was I put my hand or mind to – work or leisure. It suddently came to me: I have dedicated my life to the infinite process of refinement. Welding these together, ‘refinement’ and ‘infinite’, I came up with ‘Refinity’.

My company vision statement is

“A world where personal potential is fulfilled, profitably.”

To facilitate profitable achievement by challenging people is a very human and rewarding way of helping businesses develop and grow. The most potent way to challenge people is to encourage them to courageously imagine the next ‘very best version’ of themselves. This is what I do and is relevant in business, sport, and everyday life; I see little separation between these.

Sean Barkes

I was brought up around a variety of family businesses, working within them from about the age of nine and managing some by the age of seventeen. When I was eighteen, I started training for a career in Management Accountancy.

My business experience comes from the following sectors, mainly through starting and running my own businesses, several concurrently, but also through employed posts in the early years:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Health & fitness
  • Retail
  • Property development
  • Catering

I have first-hand operational and management experience in all bar one of these sectors (manufacturing). However, during my employment in the manufacturing sector (GEC-Alsthom and NSK-RHP Bearings) I was exposed to high-level management and decision-making processes.

In 2015, I licensed out a brand I had built over the previous fifteen years – and leased the property from which it operated back to my employees. This has enabled me to pursue other business interests.

I have had a lifelong passion for martial arts and athletics and this has given me insights into how one can shift personal performance to new levels. Leveraging the process of self-reflection, vision, planning and action, I can help take people to a level of achievement that they might have previously found difficult to imagine.

What Is Unique About The Refinity Offering?

I offer a combination of the rational, logical, and process-oriented input one might expect from an accountant – coupled with the soft skills of empathy, insight and holism developed from an extensive career in healthcare. Because of my unique combination of healthcare, sporting and business experience, I am also able to see the very real and practical connection between our physical, mental and emotional lives. I leverage this to help you make leaps in performance and enhance your experience of life.

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