Client Stories

“Recently I asked you to provide me with your services. I have been thinking about using a business coach for nearly a year but never really committed to using anybody. That was until I spent some time with you and you made me realise where I needed to focus my energy within my business.

Already, after just a few well spent sessions I feel that Glen Settle windows is moving in the direction that I want it to, at a greater pace!  I will happily refer anybody that I know that is looking to grow as a company.”

Glen Settle

Glen Settle Windows Door & Conservatories

“I wanted to thank you for the recent work you have been doing with me in terms of coaching. I know coaching me was never going to be an easy thing, but you rose to the challenge, so to speak.

If I’m being honest, I was worried about using a coach, in that, I know my own weaknesses and felt that drawing those to the surface would be an unpleasant and unwelcome task. I have to say, you did none of that.

I find your style very accepting of where someone is at, and drawing from their strengths over time eradicates the areas of improvement (weaknesses). I feel that you are someone I can look forward to meeting up with every session and I thoroughly look forward to our time together.

I am a very busy man and I appreciate being able to ‘cut to the chase’ and get to where we are going each session. I never feel patronised and I always come away with something valuable. I am always keen to try and improve who I am, and how others feel having had some form of interaction with me. I feel as though you are really helping me to this end. It may take some time, but time well spent.

Your professionalism truly speaks for you and I would have no recommendations in passing your name to anyone who is in need of your services. You are a sound investment and offer an invaluable commodity that I believe everyone can and should tap in to.”

Anton Fowler

Creative Director, Bubble Design

“I have the greatest of pleasure in providing this testimonial for Sean Barkes of Refinity Coaching & Consultancy.

I have known Sean for quite some time, and over the years I have grown to absolutely trust his honesty, integrity and acumen.

His ability to see clearly and, perhaps more importantly, his ability to help others to see clearly how they can change themselves and their circumstances is rooted in his many years as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and martial arts teacher.

Sean’s ability to promote clarity of thought and confidence in the decision-making process is as clear cut and decisive as the language he uses to communicate his thoughts and ideas.

It is this unique combination of skills that makes him such an insightful coach.

Despite my certainty that I would gain a great deal from engaging with Sean as my coach, I was, for quite some time, of the mistaken belief that I couldn’t afford to do so, I understand now that I couldn’t afford not to.

I have more clarity about the direction I want my business to take and more confidence that the changes I need to make will be accomplished in a manner that is beneficial to me and to my clients.

I feel much more motivated in areas that have proven to be a challenge and I know I have someone I can trust to give me honest, appropriate advice.

I very much look forward to the opportunity to recommend Sean to clients and friends.”

Elena Munns

Proprietor, Bespoke PA

“Many business owners do not value the benefit of having a coach or a mentor, not being able to grasp the concept of ‘the investment in themselves’. This is a shame.

The call we had to discuss a particular problem I was having was a real eye opener. I am truly grateful for your assistance in your careful listening and subsequent advice, which completely put a new spin on how to resolve the problem.

Being able to discuss things with someone who has years of experience in helping business owners was extremely helpful, and I am sure has set us on the right path.

I would highly recommend contacts and colleagues to Refinity Coaching and Consultancy, especially if they wish to fast-track their level of success with clear, well-thought out decisions.”

Martyn Solari

Lettings Director, Best House Lettings

“During the short time I have been using Refinity Coaching & Consultancy, Sean has helped me identify and clarify what I was actually trying to achieve with my business. This has enabled me to focus and develop a consistent brand and plan future marketing activities better to suit that end. Sean has also helped with procurement of services enabling me to waste less time and money through poor communication of my requirements.

Sean provides someone to answer to; tasks that have been put off for years suddenly become more important – and get done.”

Tim Rinaldi

Proprietor, Rinaldi Furniture

“I was introduced to Sean and his coaching programme by my manager to help me develop more effective communication strategies at work.

I had fortnightly one-to-one sessions and they have helped me develop in the following ways:

1. Learning to pause and think before answering questions or approaching stressful situations.

2. Learning to deal with change in a positive manner.

3.  Becoming less self critical, and more understanding of other people’s management styles.

…and a lot more. It takes time to put some techniques in place but it was a hugely helpful coaching program.”

Inga Raziunaite

Shift Manager, Branston Ltd.

“Thanks for the coaching sessions. Things are now all falling into place and becoming a great deal more clear and focused. While there are still habits that I need to fully embed and get running as smoothly as possible I do feel that real progress has been made.

Your coaching allowed me to fully process what we are working on in order to get the next phase of our business and personal lives structured to build on what we have accomplished so far.

We covered the new era that is about to commence well. The business is now focusing on the value we want to place ourselves in alignment with in our new business structure that we will be working on and building together.”

Ken Marshall

MD & Founder, The Amazing Website Company

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